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  • Plastic Bearing Materials
    • 2021-10-03
    Plastic Bearing Materials

    There are different type of plastic can use to produce bearings ,such as  PP ,POM ,PE ,PEEK . MKL BEARINGS can produce different type of POM plastic bearing, PP plastic bearing, peek plastic bearing, PVDF plastic bearing for you . And Below here is Feature for Different Plastic  : 1.PP Mat...,elf porn

  • Is Peek a Good Bearing Material?
    • 2021-10-03
    Is Peek a Good Bearing Material?

    xvideo penis,Yes ,PEEK material is good material for bearings . PEEK material have below features : 1. peek materials are corrosion resistant and resistant to aging. 2. PEEK material has high solubility resistance. 3. Peek materials have high temperature, high frequency and high voltage electrical properties. 4....

  • Are Plastic Bearings Good?
    • 2021-09-26
    Are Plastic Bearings Good?

    natalia nix,Yes ,for some applications ,plastic bearings play an important role . There are different plastic can produce bearings ,sucha as HDPE,PP,UPE(UHMWPE) ,there material can used in faintish acid and alkali environment (30% CuCl2 solution and 30% NAOH solution is tested ok). Such bearings can be operated...

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